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Welcome To Week 32

32 Week Old Fetus

Your Baby: Nearing The Finish Line

By the eighth month, your baby is becoming her own little person. The baby weighs around 4 pounds (1,800 g) and measures about 16 - 18 inches long (40 - 45 cm). She is almost ready to make an appearance. The baby has red, wrinkled skin but would likely survive easily outside the uterus at this point in time. The baby will still continue to grow inside your uterus with every body part still maturing.

Your Body: Tips And Tricks To Get Through The Workday

It's a toss up as to what wears on you more - being pregnant or working 9-5. It's no wonder that when you put the two together, you're worn out by noon and ready for bed by 7 p.m. If your bulging belly is affecting your ability to work, you may consider some of the following suggestions to help cope with your day a little better:

  • Take frequent short breaks during the day.
  • If certain times during the day seem to be worse for you, consider asking to rearrange your work hours so that you are more comfortable and productive during that period of time.
  • Be comfortable while at work -- wear comfortable clothes and make sure if you sit at a desk that the chair is adjusted properly for support of your lower back.
  • If you are on your feet working all day, consider resting one foot on a stool or something low (to relieve some of the pressure off your back) at frequent periods throughout the day.
  • For stress relief, use some of the relaxation techniques that you have learned in childbirth classes. This helps to relieve stressful periods during your pregnancy as well as during labor and delivery.
  • You may need to modify some of your activities at work later in the pregnancy if the activity requires you to lift or maintain balance because your weight change may affect your ability to perform certain activities. (It could also be dangerous to you and the baby.)
  • You may consider changing some of your routine activities after work to be able to take a short nap or at least rest.
  • Solicit help from your partner or outsource various tasks that you normally do, such as housecleaning and grocery shopping.
  • Take care of yourself by listening to your body. It is very important if you continue to work to recognize that you have to get enough rest and relaxation. Find solutions and you will be able to continue to work and remain healthy and happy too!

On A Different Note: The ABCs Of Delivery

Are you anxious about labor and delivery? Are you eager to learn as much as you can about it ahead of time? If so, click here for a great starting point, where you can read about different positions, diagnoses, and treatments.

Weekly Tip

With your due date fast approaching, you should start shopping around for a few infant essentials. For starters, you'll need a car seat to transport your baby home from the hospital. Once home, you should have a crib or a bassinet for your baby to sleep in. Other immediate must-haves include diapers - cloth or disposable - and a layette (sleepers, booties or socks, hats, blankets, and some one-piece outfits). For the rest, keep your fingers crossed that your family, friends, and colleagues will shower you with gifts.

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