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FYIHealth Tip: Using a HumidifierClean it often<p>(HealthDay News) -- A humidifier may help relieve dry and irritated sinuses, but it can also trigger a nasty case of the sneezes if you have allergies.</p> <p>The American Academy of Allergy Asthma &amp; Immunology offers these tips for proper use of a humidifier:</p> <ul> <li>Set the device to between 30 percent and 45 percent humidity.</li> <li>Regularly clean the humidifier according to manufacturer's instructions to prevent mold growth.</li> <li>Change the filter frequently.</li> <li>Use demineralized or distilled water instead of tap water. This may help reduce bacterial growth and production of a white dusty film.</li> </ul> -- Diana KohnleCopyright &#169; 2014 <a href="" target="_new">HealthDay</a>. All rights