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5.During the past 12 months, has your drinking caused or been a part of (check all that apply):
Failing to do what was expected of you (at home, work, or school)
You or someone else has been injured or may have been injured (such as drinking and driving, operating machinery, or swimming)
Run-ins with the law
Trouble or conflict with your family, friends, or coworkers
None of the above

6.Check any of the following that are true about your drinking over the last 12 months:
Have not been able to cut down or stop
Have needed to drink a lot more to get the same effect
Have had tremors, sweating, nausea, or insomnia when trying to quit or cut down
Keep drinking despite emotional or physical problems
Spend a lot of time drinking, thinking about drinking, or recovering from drinking
Spend less time on other activities that had been important or pleasurable
Have not been able to stop drinking once you started
None of the above

7.Are you willing to consider making changes in your drinking?
Not sure

Review Date: 03/20/2015
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